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How Can Web Hosting Benefit Your Business

IT Support Essex: The term ‘Web Hosting’ is thrown around a lot in any IT department, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, web hosting is the service which allows individuals to post either a web page or website onto the internet. They are then stored or ‘hosted’ on computers called servers. Professional web hosting allows for technical support and increased web security which is simply not available free. But how exactly can professional web security benefit your business?


If you were to choose a large hosting service, despite benefitting from the cheap service in the short term. Your company could actually be in jeopardy in the long term. As the customer,  you are lost in a vast sea of other companies which means no one is really looking after your site, which leads to poor service. Many times, large hosting sites are often a target for hackers as they can extract a lot of information quickly. However, with a dedicated hosting service you are less likely to get hacked and it in turns ends up being a lot more reliable.

Design Roam

A professional web hosting site can give you unrestricted access to how your website looks as well as what supporting technologies you wish to use. This will benefit your business as you don’t need to worry about compromising on certain aspects of your site. You have free reign to create your website, just how you want it.

Personalised Features

With a professional web hosting service you have access to a private domain name. This means that you are able to create personalised emails and email campaigns which contribute to increasing your brand recognition. Potential leads are more likely to use your service if they see that your email address somewhat reflects your company. This will also help maintain your work life balance as you can now introduce clients to your branded email system.

There are just three benefits of professional web hosting to your business. We can offer website hosting, design and domain services for your businesses all over the UK. If you would like more information that our team here at Ghost IT Support Essex offer. Get in touch today.