Ad-Hoc IT Support

Ghost IT services provides ad-hoc ‘pay-as-you-go’ IT support services to organisations across Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridge that require professional IT services on an ad-hoc basis.

We also provide ad-hoc IT assistance to organisations that need a helping hand with their complex IT projects.

How does Ad-Hoc IT Support work?

Fully transparent service charges.

You are required to purchase blocks of tickets in advance of using our ad-hoc IT support service.

Fully transparent and easy to understand, our ticketing costs are charged in minimum 15-minute increments. We also charge a small monthly retainer, which covers the cost of the initial client take-on, network monitoring and scheduled maintenance.

You’ll also get full access to our many other services.

All ad-hoc IT support clients have full access to our portfolio of technology solutions. These include Cloud Services, Data and Communications, Hardware & Leasing and Projects & Consultancy.

Don’t rule out a fully managed IT support service just yet.

Ad-hoc IT support isn’t always the most cost-effective option and there are many instances when it is far more advantageous to use a fully-managed service. If you’re unsure what service is right for your business then call 01708 390 370 speak directly to a Customer Success Manager who will provide you with honest and impartial advice.

Our Ad-hoc IT Support service is aimed at:

  • Light users of IT that do not require a fully-managed IT service.
  • Organisations that require temporary sickness and absence cover for their existing IT staff.
  • Organisations that require additional resources and skills needed to complete an upcoming IT project.
  • Internal IT experts and departments that need assistance rescuing an IT project that has run into difficulties, or is behind schedule.


A breakdown of our Ad-hoc IT Support service.

Fully Managed IT Support

Unlimited telephone and remote IT support that’s provided buy our Essex-based service desk team during standard business hours. Scheduled onsite support is also available and booked in advance.

Business-Critical Emergency IT Support

We provide immediate IT assistance for business critical network emergencies. Onsite support is provided if we cannot fix the problem remotely within 1 hour.

Complex IT Project Assistance

We can provide an additional skill set that’s needed to complete your next IT project. We also provide an IT project rescue service for when your IT project has fallen behind schedule, or when you need emergency assistance with a complex IT issue.

Temporary IT Manager and IT Department Cover

We can provide sickness, absence and holiday cover for your existing IT staff and your IT department.

Take the next step towards signing up for our ad-hoc IT support services today.

Call us on 01708 390 370, or complete the online contact form to request prices for the region’s leading pay-as-you-go IT support service.