Managed Backup Solutions

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Ghost IT provides intelligent Cloud Backup solutions to local organisations that are looking for a fast, efficient and highly secure way to backup and restore their business-critical data.

We offer a number of advanced backup solutions that are suitable for different business requirements, including complete data replication and hybrid backups on-premise and in the Cloud.

With our fully scalable data backup service, you'll be able to restore your full or granular backups within seconds at the touch of a button.

A fully secure and compliant Cloud Backup solution.

Our advanced Cloud Data Backup service is hosted and replicated in our private Cloud Network at two independent UK-based Tier 2 and Tier 3 data centres. These highly secure data centres are fully accredited to ISO27001 and PCI and DSS standards.

In addition.

Our Cloud Data Backup solution uses Enterprise grade AES 256-bit encryption, securing data with a password that’s only known to you.  Your Business Critical Data is encrypted before it leaves your Network and remains encrypted while in transit and in storage.

What data can you backup?

Our Cloud Data Backup solution can be fully configured to backup and restore files, folders, emails and databases that are stored on the following devices within your Network:


  • Servers (Physical and Virtual)
  • Desktop PCs and workstations
  • Mobile devices (Laptops, notepad and tablet devices)
  • Storage devices (NAS, SAN etc.)


Mobile devices can be intelligently configured to backup local data outside of your Network when the device is connected to the internet.

Essential reasons to choose Ghost's Fully Managed Cloud Backup service.
  • We own and maintain our own Cloud services infrastructure. This allows us to retain full control and provide a better standard of customer service.
  • Our Backup services are fully scalable to meet your business growth. With our high-capacity Cloud Network, we’ll always have the resources available to maintain our client’s ever-expanding data volumes.
  • We offer a Fully Managed service. Our experts will deploy and configure your backup solution quickly and efficiently on your Network so you can fully back up your data within hours of signing up for our service. You can contact us at any time to request changes to the backup schedule, or to restore your data.
  • Zero maintenance. With our intelligent scheduled Cloud Backup solution, the need for any onsite maintenance and manual processes is completely phased out.
  • Restore your data in seconds. Incremental backups ensure a fast and efficient backup and restore service for both granular and full backups. Data can be restored from your own dedicated control panel to the original location, or a new target. Within seconds.
Enhance your data protection strategy and quickly restore deleted or lost data

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