Hosted Microsoft SharePoint


Enhance productivity and improve collaboration by bringing your people, processes and information together.

Ghost IT provides Microsoft Hosted SharePoint ‘as a service’ to local Organisations that are looking for a powerful online workspace to improve their business processes and collaborative working.


What is Hosted SharePoint?

Hosted SharePoint is an incredibly flexible online collaboration tool that can be used as a place to store, share, organise and access your business data from any Desktop or mobile device that uses an internet browser. SharePoint can also be used to Host and maintain your business website.


Hosted SharePoint Consultancy.

We offer strategic Consultancy services to Organisations that are looking to introducing SharePoint to their business for the first time.

A Microsoft SharePoint expert will conduct an initial Consultation session with you so we can fully understand your key business challenges and determine if Hosted SharePoint is the right solution to meet these challenges.

We will then create a detailed report that provides an honest assessment of our findings and our recommendations for moving forward.

We will only move onto the planning and deployment stages once all parties are in full agreement that Hosted SharePoint is the right solution for your business.


Hosted SharePoint Migration services.

Ghost IT provides a Fully Managed migration service to Organisations that wish to switch from an on premise SharePoint platform to Hosted SharePoint. We can take full ownership of the migration project, or we can act in a consultative capacity, providing strategic guidance and expert advice to your IT Expert or IT Department.


SharePoint planning and deployment services.

As a Cloud-based service, Hosted SharePoint can be deployed quickly and efficiency to office-based staff and remote workers.  As a fully scalable product, you can add new users to SharePoint and remove existing staff when required.

Our planning and deployment process in a nutshell:

  1. Conduct due diligence of your existing IT infrastructure
  2. Plan the Microsoft SharePoint deployment and permissions structure
  3. Procurement of Microsoft SharePoint Online
  4. Migrate existing users from your local SharePoint application (if required) and create new users
  5. Customise and brand the appearance of your Hosted SharePoint environment
  6. Complete the final migration of documents, websites and other data.
  7. Select a number of employees to trial your Hosted SharePoint platform in a test environment to ensure it is configured correctly and all functions and features are available.
  8. Go live.

Website integration.

Microsoft SharePoint can be used to Host and maintain your company website.  We can migrate your existing website to SharePoint, or we can build a new feature-rich, responsive and engaging website in SharePoint from the ground up.

Maintain your documents, files and your website presence from a centralised workspace.


Hosted SharePoint features and benefits.


Reduce Cap-ex and release essential fundsNo upfront investment is required and there is no ongoing maintenance or licencing costs.  A simple “per-user” monthly fee keeps your costs controlled.

Collaborate with co-workers and partnersSharePoint is built from the ground up to improve business processes collaboration between your staff, suppliers and customers. You’ll be able to work together on projects in different locations, share documents, calendars, contacts and ideas all from within a bespoke SharePoint platform.

Simplify configuration and managementIt’s quick and easy to configure and maintain your SharePoint environment from a central administration panel.  We’ve made it simple to add and remove users, change user permissions and implement individual and site-wide control over who sees what.

Integration with Outlook and Office 365 – Boost productivity by integrating SharePoint into Microsoft Outlook.

  • Drag and drop emails and attachments between SharePoint/Outlook
  • Send and save emails to SharePoint
  • Create new SharePoint document sets and folders within Outlook
  • Share links to documents instead of attachments, keeping everyone working on the same version

Security and continuity Your Hosted SharePoint platform is securely backed up and replicated (mirrored) across our two UK-based data centres. Previous document versions are retained and deleted data can be restored in seconds at the touch of a button.  In addition, our Hosted SharePoint solution comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Scalability – With a Hosted SharePoint solution, users can be added and removed at a moment’s notice. Hosted SharePoint can also be rolled out across multiple sites at short notice, adapting to the ongoing growth of your business.

Anywhere access – Hosted SharePoint is great for businesses that promote home working, or with staff on the go. Access your company files, folders and documents anywhere in the world from a device that has an Internet connection and an internet browser.


Why choose Ghost IT for your Business SharePoint requirements?

Our Cloud Services infrastructure is owned, hosted and maintained by us. Unlike many IT Service companies that resell white-label Cloud services, Ghost IT has built its very own Cloud Services infrastructure from the ground up.


What’s the advantage of this?

We retain FULL control of our services. For example, if a client requests a change or an unlikely outage occurs then we can deal with this immediately without waiting for a middle-man. This eliminates downtime and ensures that our clients receive a better standard of Customer care.


Our Cloud has a silver lining.

In addition to our Hosted SharePoint solution, Ghost IT provides a complete portfolio of Cloud Computing and Hosting services to local businesses across Essex, Herts and Cambridgeshire.


Take the first step towards improving your business processes and collaborating better TODAY.

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