IT Staff Cover and Support

We provide a range of supplementary support services too organisations that already employ the services of an in-house IT expert or IT department.

Here’s how we can help.

From providing seasonal holiday cover to assisting with the completion of a complex IT project, we’ll provide you with the resources needed to ensure continuity of service when your IT function needs a helping hand.

IT Staff Cover (onsite).

We employ a team of highly skilled and experienced Microsoft Certified Field Support Technicians who will seamlessly slot into your business operations and act as part of your team.

This service is suitable for when:

  • You require on-demand IT staffing solutions during periods of absence, or
  • you require a scheduled recurring onsite support service during times of additional demand.


1st Line Desktop and Application Support Cover.

Day-to-day telephone and remote support is provided by our Essex-based Microsoft and Apple certified help desk team.

This service is suitable for when:

  • Your existing IT expert needs to focus more time on 2nd/3rd line technical administration duties, or the planning and implementation of an upcoming IT project, or
  • you require on-demand IT assistance during a period of absence at short notice.


IT Project Management Assistance.

complex IT project management and ongoing assistance are provided by our highly experienced and accredited project management team. We have years of experience managing projects of all types and sizes and we can provide assistance in at all stages of the project life cycle.

This service is suitable for when:

  • You require an additional skill set for assistance with an upcoming complex IT project
  • You wish to fully outsource the management of your next IT project
  • You are in the process of completing a complex IT project, but you require an additional skill set because you have run into technical difficulties



IT Strategy Consultancy.

Our team of fully qualified and highly experienced IT consultants will work closely with your in-house IT expert, providing strategic guidance and expert advice on an ad-hoc basis.

This service is suitable for when:

  • Your in-house IT expert requires assistance putting a clearly defined IT strategy roadmap in place that’s needed to achieve your long-term business goals and keep you moving forward, or
  • If they need an expert opinion or assistance with a technical issue that falls outside of their skillset.



Take the first step towards avoiding business disruption by utilising our broad range of IT skills.

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