Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery (or Cloud DR) is an IT infrastructure replication, backup and restore strategy, which allows your business to continue working with minimal disruption in event of a disaster or catastrophe.

We'll get your business back up and running FAST.

Cloud DR is a highly efficient and Cost-effective alternative to a traditional Disaster Recovery process. With a Cloud DR solution, your entire server infrastructure is replicated and consolidated into a ‘Virtual Server’ that’s hosted on a secure private Cloud platform.

In the event of a catastrophe or disaster, your Virtual Server can be fully activated to take over from your on-premise IT systems within minutes.

We provide an added layer of Business Continuity.

An additional Virtual Server is replicated (mirrored) at a secondary private Cloud infrastructure that’s hosted at our UK-based tier-2 data centre. This Virtual server will act as a failover in the incredibly-rare event of an outage taking place at our primary data centre.

What data gets backed up?

Your entire server infrastructure is backed up in the Cloud, including Windows operating systems, applications, data, patches and emails if you are using Microsoft Exchange.

Backups are incremental, which means we only back up files and folders that have been altered. This highly efficient process reduces the bandwidth capacity required to take a daily backup of your IT systems and ensures that you’ll always have access to the latest version of your data.

Disaster Recovery workspace for local businesses.

Ghost IT also provides co-working office workspace facilities for Cloud-DR clients at our Head office in North Weald, Essex. These facilities include:

  • A secure Computer room with climate control and backup power supply
  • Hardware, including Desktop PCs, laptops and peripheral’s
  • Fibre and wireless internet connectivity
  • Software applications including Microsoft Office and other 3rd party applications
  • 24 hour access options for clients

This office is staffed by our professional IT help desk team between the hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Five essential reasons to choose a Cloud DR solution.

1. Cloud DR is cost-effective - The time and expense of setting up your own duplicate data center is replaced with a cost-effective Disaster Recovery 'as a service' that doesn't require huge up-front capital investment.

2. Faster recovery times – The in-cloud recovery process is inherently faster than a traditional DR process, allowing businesses to respond to a catastrophe within minutes.  In addition, the time and cost associated with recovering everything from the cloud to on-premise is completely eliminated.

3. Flexibility - With Cloud DR, you can set up your Disaster Recovery facilities quicker and easier because your service is already live and running in the Cloud. All you need is the hardware to connect to it.

4. Less complexity – Because your entire servers are replicated, you will avoid meshing replacement applications with existing salvaged problems.

5. Scheduled testing – We’ll test your Disaster Recovery plan every 12 months in order to ensure you’ll get back up and running quickly and you have full access to your data. We’ll happily conduct additional tests for clients that need to demonstrate this for regulatory compliance

Avoid losing time, revenue & customers and ensure your Business Continuity.

You’ll also enjoy significantly faster recovery times and reduce your operational costs.

Contact Ghost IT today by calling 01708 390 370 and speak directly to a Cloud Services expert about our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution in further detail. Alternatively, complete the online contact form to request a callback.