Virtual Dedicate Server

Our Virtual Dedicated Server hosting services (VDS) are perfect for local businesses that require a dedicated server for business critical applications, without the overheads associated with maintaining a physical server on premise.

Our VDS packages are fully scalable to your business requirements and are available for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server? (VDS)

A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is an isolated server that’s hosted in a Data Centre and can be accessed over the internet. All the functionality and resources of an on premise server remain, but the server is hosted and managed on a rental basis by a Cloud Services provider.

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Dedicated Server?

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

A VDS gives you the ability to lease managed but dedicated hardware to develop, deploy and host applications and Infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hosting your own server in-house.

A Single Tenant Solution

A VDS is never shared with other customers and does not offer multi-tenancy, which gives you the full allocation of resources.

What’s the difference between a VDS and a VPS? (Virtual Private Server)

Virtual Dedicated Server

A VDS provides the end user with a dedicated ‘single-tenant’ server resource that isn’t shared with other virtual instances. Unlike a VPS, you’ll have access to the full allocation of uncontented server resources.

Virtual Private Server

A VPS is a virtual machine (VM) that sits on top of a physical server and hosts numerous VPS instances (virtualised servers). The physical server resources are shared between the virtual tenants.

When can I access my VDS?

As a VDS customer, you’ll have 24/7 access your Virtual Dedicated Server via Windows Remote Desktop or SSH/VNC (for Linux).

Not sure if a Virtual Dedicated Server is the right choice for your business?

If you have any questions about Virtual Dedicated Servers, or if you’re unsure that VPS is the right solution for your business then don’t hesitate to call 01708 390 370 and get instant expert advice from a member of our Cloud Services team.

Get a flexible, scalable and highly-efficient dedicated server solution that won’t cost your business the earth.

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