Fibre Leased Lines

Eliminate speed issues and enjoy a dedicated internet connection with lightning fast uncontented bandwidth.

Ghost IT provides fast, reliable and low latency Internet Leased Lines to Organisations throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridge.

Our added-value Internet Leased Lines offer new standards in bandwidth, flexibility and resilience. They provide outstanding value for money, especially if your business is 100% dependent upon its internet connectivity to remain productive and competitive.

What is a Leased Line?

An Internet leased line is a private ‘dedicated’ Internet connection between two or more locations. The bandwidth that you pay for is reserved exclusively for you, which means there are no changes in availability or speed at times of peak demand.

Is a leased line suitable for my business?

A Leased Line connection is the perfect solution for Organisations that are highly dependent on the resiliency and consistency of their Internet connection to maintain day-to-day business operations.

A Leased Line connection is the perfect solution for Organisations that transfer large media files and perform other data-hungry tasks throughout the day.

A Leased Line connection is also an intelligent solution for Organisations that are expanding and require uncontented bandwidth that remains consistent, regardless of how many users are connected at a single time.

Whatever your requirements, a Leased Line Connection will increase your business productivity by providing a consistently fast upload and download speed that greatly surpasses ADSL and Fibre Broadband connectivity.

Essential reasons to choose a Dedicated Leased Line for your business.

Unlimited usage

Unlike a traditional Broadband connection, Leased Lines don’t have a fair usage policy, which means you can use as much data as you like.


Unlike a traditional Broadband connection, you’ll get 100% of the bandwidth allocation you pay for. With your own dedicated Internet connection, you’ll never be competing for bandwidth again.


Our Leased Line services comes with a 99.99% service uptime guarantee.


Additional layers of security

Dedicated Leased Lines are often used by Organisations that handle sensitive client data because the connection isn’t shared with other businesses.

Symmetric Connectivity

With a Leased Line Connection, you’ll be able to upload and download data at the same speed. This is perfect for Organisations like Media Companies that transfer large amounts of data or maximise their internet connectivity for many other business activities, including VPN access, remote working and VoIP telephony.

Our Leased Line Solutions
Business Fibre Internet Leased Lines.

Our dedicated Internet Leased Lines deliver the highest quality performance to Organisations that need a reliable internet connection with Symmetric uncontented bandwidth for Cloud Services, VoIP Telephony, remote access, VPN connectivity and for transferring large data files.

Our Business Fibre Internet Leased Line includes static IP address assignment, DNS and reverse DNS, Offsite backup and SIP trunking options.

Gigabit Internet Leased Line.

Gigabit Internet and Ethernet Leased Lines are suitable for Organisations that have extreme bandwidth requirements, such as Film and Music Production Companies.

Our Gigabit services include Internet connectivity at 100Mbit, 250Mbit, 500Mbit, 1Gbit and 10Gbit/sec and unlimited data usage.

Wireless Leased Line.

Get ultra-fast, reliable and dedicated Wireless Internet connectivity for your business. Wireless leased lines can be installed far quicker than a wired connection because no digging is required! Instead, we’ll fit an Antenna to your building and present the Ethernet connection into your office.

Wireless Leased Lines are fully scalable and can be upgraded to a higher bandwidth remotely in real-time.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM).

Our most competitively priced symmetrical Leased Line service provides uncontented connection speeds of up to 20Mbit per second. This connection is delivered over copper from your local Telephone Exchange. EFM is considered the natural replacement for SDSL.

Eliminate Internet downtime and increase your business productivity with a dedicated Leased Line connection.

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