Discover Whether You’ve Had Your Information Stolen In A Data Breach With Firefox Monitor

Are you concerned that your information may have been stolen or leaked in a cyber-attack?

With the rise in the number of data breaches in 2018, it is understandable that you may be worried about whether your personal data has been compromised or leaked. Large organisations such as Facebook and British Airways have been victims of such breaches over the past year, with millions of customers having their information stolen.


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Mozilla has launched a new notification service for their Firefox Quantum browser – Firefox Monitor, which was introduced in September 2018. This breach notification website will detect threats against your online email accounts and will alert you of any breaches you have been involved in.

Firefox Monitor enables you to check whether your data was compromised in a cyber-attack by running a search against your email address. This will allow you to see exactly which breach you were involved in, when the attack occurred, and which data was taken. Firefox also provides information on how you can stay ahead of these hackers, with useful tips on creating stronger passwords for your online accounts.

As part of this notification system, Firefox will also notify you when your online account details are connected to any new website breach that occurs.

Firefox will even alert you when you visit a website that has recently suffered a data breach and had personal information stolen from their site. This way, you can browse the internet knowing which websites have and have not been a victim of a cyber-attack.

Using Firefox Monitor is just one way that you can protect your details from being compromised in an attack, as there are many ways you can protect yourself from cybercrime.

Almost 75% of people use duplicate passwords for a variety of their online accounts, many of which have not been changed in the past 5 years or so. Changing your passwords regularly is one way that you can protect your personal data, and we suggest that you always have different passwords for your accounts.

If you run a business that manages personal data, it’s vital that your customer’s information is 100% secure and that you are not a victim of cybercrime. For more information on how to protect yourself against cybercrime, whether you’re an individual or a business, get in touch with Ghost IT on 01708 390 370.