Email Hosting: What is Email Hosting and What’s The Benefits?

As a business owner, you should be familiar with email hosting – a system that allows you to manage email servers. For example, if you’re emailing from or to someone with a domain name in their email address, they have an email hosting service i.e.

Typically the web hosting company who support your domain name will also provide you with an email hosting service. However, there are some issues that are associated with using this type of hosting.

Firstly, your web hosting provider may give you a POP3 email service. This means you can only use one computer to check your device (no other devices like mobile phones or tablets) and your emails will be stored on the computer you are using. This means all the sent emails are stored with your local PC rather than a mail server.

A web hosting provider’s email server will also give you basic antivirus protection. It is good that, to some degree, they are protecting your emails from hacking and corruption. However, other email hosting providers will offer you a more intensive and structured virus prevention system.

Finally, considering their expertise in the industry lie within web hosting, it’s no wonder most web hosting providers give a basic and minimal email hosting service. With a web provider you will be given a bog standard email server and not told much about how to use it.

However, with Ghost IT Support Essex we are able to provide a unique and tailored email hosting service that is easy to manage and simple to use. Not only can you send clients emails from your bespoke domain name, but we have a number of added features to make your client emails professional and convincing such as:

Automatic responses

  • Unlimited aliases
  • Unlimited forwarders
  • Attach large files
  • Choose from IMAP/POP3
  • A robust spam/virus protection
  • Online storage
  • Backup of emails
  • Calendars
  • Mailing Lists
  • Contact Management

To find out more about Ghost’s IT Support in Essex, be sure to get in touch with us on 01708 390370.

We provide a number of IT solutions in and around the South East, including a fully comprehensive Computer Support Essex package and our own bespoke Web Hosting Essex service.

World Photo Day: How to Legally Use Images on Your Website?

Whether it’s engaging infographics or informational videos, an important feature of any website is using visual content.

Not only do they add a personal touch to your website but images are notoriously easier to read than your bog standard text. With 65% of the population describing themselves as visual learners, it makes sense to use images and visual media to represent your business.

However, many businesses run into problems when they use images that aren’t properly licensed to them.

Copyright Laws and Penalties

There are number of copyright laws you must know before adding images to your website. Copyright laws can also help to protect any of your own content should another person or business take credit for your images, video or written content.

Copyright is a designation given to creative works that you publish into the world in a “fixed form”, meaning the minute you upload a blog or post a photo on Instagram you are protected.

Copyright covers a number of areas including literary works i.e. books, poetry and articles, performing arts such as music and lyrics, visual arts i.e. artwork, jewellery, photos and digital content such as websites and blogs.

If you find that somebody has taken your content without getting the rights from you first, you should go to the Trading Standards Agency, who are responsible for enforcing the copyright laws.

As a business who has taken the content without having the correct rights, you are liable for a fine of up to £50,000 and a custodial sentence of up to 10 years. Therefore, you don’t want to make the mistake of using images or content that do not belong to you for the sake of your business reputation and employees.

When designing and building websites, Ghost IT Solutions Essex make sure all of our chosen images are from reputable, commercial imaging websites. That means we can the correct license for using the images we have chosen.

Not only can we design a website for your business, but we’re also one of leading business for Web Hosting Essex, meaning we can manage and monitor your site at an affordable cost.

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Using VoIP

Why Moving Office is the Best Time to Introduce VoIP to Your Company

Voice Over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP is a combination of hardware and software which allows you to make voice calls using nothing but a broadband internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.

Why Use VoIP?

We understand most companies heavily rely on computers to carry out the majority of work. However, the phone also plays a vital role in office life. There’s no denying, moving office is a tedious task. You have to consider many things such as making sure your system is backed up should the unthinkable happen and you also need to make sure everything you need is packed up and ready to go.

Once you’ve moved office, you then have the stress of unpacking and waiting for the broadband. On top of that you then need to wait for a phone line to be installed so you can start conversing with clients. What if we told you we could take the stress away? Well, we can.

VoIP can be installed at the same time as your broadband line, which means you’re not waiting for days on end for your phones to be connected.

VoIP can also save your company vast amounts of money. Due to it being dependent on a broadband line, you will incur no phone costs. Another benefit of VoIP is being able to make international calls as well as conference calls. Depending on your broadband width you can make calls with people up to triple figures.

VoIP can also increase productivity as it allows employees to attach documents and share data whilst video conferencing.

Despite VoIP sounding like a bunch of technical jargon, installation and how it works is actually fairly simple. Above were just a few benefits of introducing voice over internet protocol into your office.

So, if you’re moving office in Essex and surrounding areas and looking to bring VoIP into your workplace, why not give Ghost IT Services a call today to see how we can help. Or for that matter, if you would like to install any IT support services, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Benefits of Remote Rather Than Onsite IT Support.

Is your business struggling to cope with onsite support? Are you finding your company is losing precious time waiting for your computer problems to be fixed? Have you ever considered moving to a remote IT support service? Here’s the reasons why you should.

So, how is remote IT support Different from onsite IT support?

Remote IT support is defined as numerous pieces of software and IT tools that enables a technician to connect to a computer in another location via the internet and work directly on the remote system.

Onsite support is where you have technicians based in your office. This can be costly for your business in addition to being more time consuming for everyone involved.

Why Should You Switch to remote IT support?

  • Quick and Efficient
    One of many benefits that prevails when switching to remote IT support is the increase in efficiency. By having someone constantly at the ready at a remote location, all they have to do is simply log into a computer via the internet and they can almost instantly start working on the faulty system. Eventually, this will make the company more efficient as time lost waiting for the system to be fixed is dramatically reduced.
  • Money Saving
    It makes sense. Remote support is almost guaranteed to save your company money as you’re not having to physically employ someone and pay them to sit and wait for problems to occur.
  • You Are Not Limited to Location
    Remote support means you and your technician can still meet business needs without geographical restrictions. This means you can shop around and find the best service regardless of location.

The Facts

It is believed that 70-80% of all technology support issues can be solved remotely which essentially means that over 70% of all problems could cost you less and be resolved faster.

Fortunately for your business and your bank balance, Ghost IT services offers remote support. So, our friendly team of professionals are always on hand when things don’t go according to plan. If you would like to find out more information on what other services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Backup Your Computer for Moving Offices

Are your premises changing?

Moving office is a stressful and difficult process for many; packing hundreds of boxes, organising removal vans and people to pack them, plus having to direct exactly where all your furniture goes. In the blur of moving day, you can often forget about the little things such as your computer and computer equipment when moving out.

With so much going on on moving day, things are easily missed or broken, meaning your computer could be one of the items that should go missing or get broken.

So how can you prepare ahead in the event your computer from getting damaged or misplaced on moving day?

Ghost IT Solutions Essex provide a variety of IT services in Essex for businesses, including cloud services, IT support and remote monitoring. As experts in the IT industry, Ghost IT Solutions have helped many businesses to backup their computers ahead of moving offices.

Our experts suggest:

●      Make Sure You Backup Your Computer – If your computer has been misplaced or damaged, it could put you out of work for weeks without any of your important documents and systems. That’s why it is vital to backup your computer onto a spare hard drive or cloud system – that way you can access your documents from a laptop or spare machine if yours is broken.

●      Keep Everything Together – There’s nothing worse than moving offices and realising you have left something vital like your keyboard or mouse in your old space. If you’re not prepared to make an embarrassing phone call to your ex-landlord about collecting your equipment, then waiting for a spare one to arrive could be a long stretch. When you’re packing up your computers, make sure to label each computer screen with the user’s name as well as their mouse, keyboard and any other additional equipment.

●      Cover your Phones and IT on Moving Day – Moving day is particularly stressful, and the last thing you need is phones ringing off the hook and disastrous internet crashes. At Ghost we offer a business continuity service, providing assistance for any unexpected disasters, problems and issues. We act as your office away from office, taking care of the phone calls and everything IT related.

Are you moving offices in the near future and need our backup services? Why not get in touch with the team here at Ghost Services on 01708 390370 and find out more information.

Ghost Blog – Preventing A Cyber Attack on your Business

Did you know cyber-attacks cost British businesses £34billion a year in terms of lost revenue and increases in their spend on IT support? However, this figure could be even higher should a breach go undetected.

Following the attack on the NHS’s network system, Ghost IT services want to address the importance of protecting your computers from large-scale cyber-attacks – like the one that threatened to shut down the NHS’s network.

Here are our top tips on preventing an attack on your business’s network:

Regularly Back Up Data

Remind your employees to frequently back up their data throughout the year to ensure that no critical data is lost in the event of an attack. The team of IT professionals at Ghost suggests storing your data away from the office, to be extra secure. This could be by using a cloud system where all data can be remotely accessed and encrypted when data is regarding the company and clients.

Change Passwords Frequently

It is vital that you and your employees change your passwords on a regular basis, particularly if you have access to important accounts. A good benchmark is to change passwords once every two months, making sure you include different classes of characters – a mix of special characters, uppercase and lower case and numbers is the best choice. Ghost’s IT experts suggest never writing your password down and never use the same password on multiple accounts.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Did you know phishing scams rise by 20% per year? This means that employees should be trained to keep a watchful eye out for such harmful emails. While email providers are constantly improving their spam detection, some trickier spam messages can find a way to make it into your inbox. Ghost’s experts say to look for emails disguised as a trusted client or recognisable brand, which contain dead giveaways such as spelling errors in the text and not addressing you by your name.

Look out for suspicious attachments, messages that ask for personal or credit card information and emails that request immediate action.

Are you in need of an IT solution that can help to prevent your business from future cyber attacks? Make sure you do it before it’s too late! To speak to one of the team here at Ghost, call 01708 390370 or email [email protected]

The Importance of Updated IT Equipment

Updated IT equipment has distinct advantages ranging from security to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Whilst reliable staff and a great product are driving factors behind a company’s success, you still need to keep up with the ever changing advancements of technology.

Below are some of the reasons that highlight the importance of updated IT systems in the workplace.

Security – The older your technology is, the higher the security risk. Outdated equipment and servers can cause loss or corruption of data and they’re a lot more prone to crashing. In the long run, they will cost you both time and money and much more so than investing in modern equipment.

Flexibility – Slow systems and outmoded computers can cause frustration amongst many, including your staff. In turn, this could limit their productivity and prevent their flexibility within their job role. By having updated equipment and systems you will often see an increase in mobility and the ability to access your data on the go.

Professionalism – Your appearance to customers and potential clients can be vital in the growth of your business. The use of portable technology such as tablets and laptops can enable staff to remain attentive and professional beyond the restrictions of the office. Without updated technology your staff could suffer and become cut off from their daily work schedules.

Keeping up with competitors – Change is constant and you may think that your current systems are adequate, but with the shift in the digital environment you could find that this might not be the case for very long. By investing in new technology and information systems you will give your business an edge over its competitors.

Here at Ghost IT Services, we are able to not only offer you updated hardware but the remote support and security that sits alongside your IT systems. We have a range of IT solutions and being based in Essex means we are accessible to many locations. For more information, give our IT security experts a call today on 01708 390370.


4 Reasons to Outsource your IT Solutions

Outsourcing your IT solutions has many benefits which include flexibility, expertise and access to the latest technologies, to name just a few.

It allows your staff to focus on critical business matters without the added stress of IT issues throughout the day.

Below are 4 reasons that we believe outsourcing your IT solutions will improve the day to day running of your business:

Availability and 24-hour Support – If your business has a large number of staff, it can be a daunting task undertaking the upkeep and care of all workstations and providing support by way of an internal IT department. If you choose to outsource your IT solutions you can have 24/7 guidance 365 days a year. Here at Ghost IT Services, we can offer desktop support for your staff without actually even being on the premises.

Better risk management –  Using an outsourced IT services provider can help you to organise and improve your risk management. The team will identify and mitigate the risks involved with your IT infrastructure. As a result, you will benefit from a team of IT experts who are ready to handle any unforeseen issues which could surface in different situations.

Cost effective – Over the last couple of years tough decisions have had to be made concerning IT budgets and staffing. However, even with these concerns it’s clear that there is only so long you can delay investing in new technologies, before it has a clear impact on your business.

By outsourcing your IT services, you will minimise the costs associated with having a fully functional IT department in house without having to sacrifice the quality of the support. Instead you will gain access to a large range of resources and expertise, which will reduce annual operating expenses and improve the stability of your IT department.

Access to a broad range of knowledge – Searching for a team of highly qualified IT technicians can take time, but also incur high costs when they have a specialised skillset. By using an outsourced service provider, you will have the skill set of an entire team of highly qualified it technicians at the fraction of the price.

Are you thinking of outsourcing your IT support? Ghost IT Services can help! We take a holistic approach to IT support and aim to be a one stop shop for all aspects of IT for your business. For further information get in touch today.

Ghost Computer Service Update regarding the Microsoft Windows Upgrade from 7 to 10

You may have already seen the news, however as you trusted IT Support provider we want to keep you in the know…
BBC released information yesterday about the latest move from Microsoft which at face value forces you to you your Windows 7 Operating System the the latest Windows 10 version. 
The notification box appears as normal. However if you close the notification box using the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner, the notification disappears but the update takes place when you next reboot your machine regardless if you wish to do so or not. Essentially you are agreeing to the scheduled update as opposed to closing the notification which has been the case in the past.
Brad Chacos, senior editor at the PC World website, described it as a “nasty trick”.

“Deploying these dirty tricks only frustrates long-time Windows users who have very valid reasons to stick with operating systems they already know and love,” he wrote.

There is a way to avoid this update, simply click OK which will take you to the next screen, which then allows you to schedule the update for another time or not at all.
For more coverage information, click on the BBC Link below…
Meanwhile, should you have any queries regarding this update do not hesitate to contact us on 01708 390370 or visit us at Stand 40 & 41 on Thursday 9th June at the Harlow Business Exhibition…

Savvy Security for Smartphone Addicts

Smartphones – they’re like part of the human body, aren’t they? Part everyday communication tool, part business asset, part entertainment centre, part comfort blanket,  they’ve become so ubiquitous as to be indispensable.

But you have to unplug yourself, put it down and leave it alone sometimes… and that’s where your phone or tablet can be lost or stolen, any old random can gain access to your personal and business data, and the problems can start. Did you know that technically, if you leave your smartphone unattended and unlocked, it’s a breach of data security laws if someone gets in – on their part and on yours?

The easiest way to deter thieves (and general nosey-parkers) is to set a lock operated by a PIN, password or fingerprint scanner.

Device-specific locking mechanisms can be set up relatively easily with a timeout period, pattern and code to suit your needs. Here are the inroads:

  • On an iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock.
  • On Android: Go to Settings > Location & Security > Set up Screen Lock. Timeout setup can be arranged by going to Settings then Display.
  • On a BlackBerry: Go to Options > Security Options > General Settings > Password.
  • On a Windows Phone7: Go to Settings then Lock & Wallpaper and take it from there.

A word about letting your fingers do the locking…

Fingerprint ID is good but not totally foolproof. It isn’t proven that fingerprints are totally unique and it’s believed that family members can share aspects of particular patterns and combinations (we personally know cases of a mother and son, and of fraternal twins, who can open the same iPad fingerprint scanner). As we get older, too, the skin of our fingerprints loses elasticity and the patterns become harder to identify – in extreme cases this can erase the fingerprints totally.

And be aware that if you use a join-the-dots swipe pattern to lock your phone, a very determined thief may be able to trace the pattern by smudges your finger leaves on the screen when you use that lock method.