24/7 Remote Network Monitoring

With our 24/7 Network Monitoring service, we’ll keep a watchful eye over your IT Infrastructure and fix any IT issues before you even know they exist.

We closely monitor the health of ALL your hardware devices and business-critical applications, mitigating system downtime and keeping you productive by remotely diagnosing and resolving problems BEFORE they can affect your productivity.

Five essential reasons to use a
24/7 Network Monitoring service.

1. Utilise trend analysis – Quickly identify any potential hardware issues and problematic areas of Your IT Infrastructure that require investment

2. Mitigate system downtime that leads to lost productivity and revenue

3. Improve Network performance and health

4. Improve your business efficiency and deliver a better customer service experience

5. Detect and quickly eliminate potential Network Security threats

Here's a breakdown of our Network Monitoring services.

Our Network Monitoring application automatically alerts us to ANY problems on your Network via a customised dashboard that's monitored 24/7 by our Essex-based helpdesk team. We'll closely monitor your following Network elements:

Network Security.

We’ll monitor all of your critical network security systems & services and identify any potential Network Security breaches such as hacking attempts and unauthorised breaches.

We’ll check to make sure that your Anti-virus is working correctly and your definitions are up to date and we’ll monitor your chosen data backup solution, ensuring that your daily, weekly and monthly backups are completed successfully.

Network performance.

Real-time performance monitoring of your Network connectivity. We’ll monitor your internet stability, packet loss, bandwidth usage and the performance of your Wi-Fi network.

Physical and Virtual servers.

We’ll monitor the performance and general health of your physical and virtual servers, whether they are hosted and maintained in-house, or in a data center. We’ll closely monitor your disk space, RAID, CPU usage, disk space, Windows services, memory utilisation and much more.

Automated reports and updates out of the box.

Our Network Monitoring system will automatically email a performance report to you every month. This report includes a detailed breakdown of your Network performance, including any errors or alerts that have been recorded.

Your Customer Success Manager will contact you to discuss the performance of your Network, including any potential hardware issues or ongoing problematic issues that could affect your business continuity.


We’ll closely monitor the performance and uptime of the hardware on your Network, including Desktop PCs (optional), Servers (Physical and Virtual), Firewalls, Routers, switches and peripherals.

Applications and databases.

We’ll closely monitor your business-critical applications and databases, including MySQL, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Windows server and virtualised applications. We will check system availability, downtime, usage, patches and updates.

We will also monitor your company website and alert you to any downtime.

We also provide Fully Managed IT Support services.

We provide Fully Managed Telephone, Remote and scheduled/reactive Onsite IT Support services to Organisations across Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridge. We offer lightning fast response times and instant remote support for business-critical IT issues, which is backed by a 1 hour onsite response time if the issue cannot be fixed remotely.

Visit our Fully Managed IT Services page to find out more.

Take the first steps to increasing productivity by improving your network performance.

Contact Ghost IT today by calling 01708 390 370 and speak directly to a Network Security expert about our Network Monitoring services in further detail. Alternatively, complete the online contact form to request a callback.