Backup Your Computer for Moving Offices

Are your premises changing?

Moving office is a stressful and difficult process for many; packing hundreds of boxes, organising removal vans and people to pack them, plus having to direct exactly where all your furniture goes. In the blur of moving day, you can often forget about the little things such as your computer and computer equipment when moving out.

With so much going on on moving day, things are easily missed or broken, meaning your computer could be one of the items that should go missing or get broken.

So how can you prepare ahead in the event your computer from getting damaged or misplaced on moving day?

Ghost IT Solutions Essex provide a variety of IT services in Essex for businesses, including cloud services, IT support and remote monitoring. As experts in the IT industry, Ghost IT Solutions have helped many businesses to backup their computers ahead of moving offices.

Our experts suggest:

●      Make Sure You Backup Your Computer – If your computer has been misplaced or damaged, it could put you out of work for weeks without any of your important documents and systems. That’s why it is vital to backup your computer onto a spare hard drive or cloud system – that way you can access your documents from a laptop or spare machine if yours is broken.

●      Keep Everything Together – There’s nothing worse than moving offices and realising you have left something vital like your keyboard or mouse in your old space. If you’re not prepared to make an embarrassing phone call to your ex-landlord about collecting your equipment, then waiting for a spare one to arrive could be a long stretch. When you’re packing up your computers, make sure to label each computer screen with the user’s name as well as their mouse, keyboard and any other additional equipment.

●      Cover your Phones and IT on Moving Day – Moving day is particularly stressful, and the last thing you need is phones ringing off the hook and disastrous internet crashes. At Ghost we offer a business continuity service, providing assistance for any unexpected disasters, problems and issues. We act as your office away from office, taking care of the phone calls and everything IT related.

Are you moving offices in the near future and need our backup services? Why not get in touch with the team here at Ghost Services on 01708 390370 and find out more information.