Benefits of Remote Rather Than Onsite IT Support.

Is your business struggling to cope with onsite support? Are you finding your company is losing precious time waiting for your computer problems to be fixed? Have you ever considered moving to a remote IT support service? Here’s the reasons why you should.

So, how is remote IT support Different from onsite IT support?

Remote IT support is defined as numerous pieces of software and IT tools that enables a technician to connect to a computer in another location via the internet and work directly on the remote system.

Onsite support is where you have technicians based in your office. This can be costly for your business in addition to being more time consuming for everyone involved.

Why Should You Switch to remote IT support?

  • Quick and Efficient
    One of many benefits that prevails when switching to remote IT support is the increase in efficiency. By having someone constantly at the ready at a remote location, all they have to do is simply log into a computer via the internet and they can almost instantly start working on the faulty system. Eventually, this will make the company more efficient as time lost waiting for the system to be fixed is dramatically reduced.
  • Money Saving
    It makes sense. Remote support is almost guaranteed to save your company money as you’re not having to physically employ someone and pay them to sit and wait for problems to occur.
  • You Are Not Limited to Location
    Remote support means you and your technician can still meet business needs without geographical restrictions. This means you can shop around and find the best service regardless of location.

The Facts

It is believed that 70-80% of all technology support issues can be solved remotely which essentially means that over 70% of all problems could cost you less and be resolved faster.

Fortunately for your business and your bank balance, Ghost IT services offers remote support. So, our friendly team of professionals are always on hand when things don’t go according to plan. If you would like to find out more information on what other services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.