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Go Back to School. Is Your IT Equipment Ready?

IT Support in Essex: That’s right, the six-weeks are almost finally over and before you know it, thousands of children all across the UK will be getting their book bags, ready to learn. But, have you made sure your IT equipment is ready to handle the pressure after a long break? Ghost IT Services, Essex have made a checklist to prevent IT breakdowns at the start of the new school year.

Is Your Network Suited to Handle the Number of Users?

Firstly, a computer network is a set of hardware connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. Most schools have a shared drive that gives teachers and their pupils quick access to worksheets and information. However, how do you know you’re using the right one?

Local Area Network (LAN)- A local area network is a computer network best suited to work at a single site such as a school or office. LAN’s are very useful for sharing resources such as printers and photocopiers as well as document sharing. So if you’re a school, it’s recommended you use this.

Have You Got the Best Security in Place?

With recent events, it’s important more so now than ever to protect your school from hackers and data attacks. Simple precautions can be put in place to protect your equipment, such as:

Anti-Virus and Malware You can’t monitor which sites everyone is on all of the time, but you can install anti-virus and malware to prevent any nasty viruses spreading amongst your network. The level you wish to use this software at can vary greatly- however, for a school. It is highly recommended you choose the highest level of protection to be extra cautious.

Data Recovery If damage occurs to either the internal or external hard drives. You may potentially lose vital information and records. Ghost IT Services fortunately offer a data recovery service, so you can rest assured all of your records are safe with us.

That’s Ghost, IT Support in Essex, top recommendations to check ahead of the new academic year starts. If you would like more information on the services we can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch.