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Setting Up Your Office with the Right Technology

Have you and your company recently relocated office? Or maybe you’ve come to the realisation that your office and the technology in it is looking a bit dated and is in need of a face lift. Queue Ghost, IT Solutions, Essex. Our team of PC installation specialists have come together to discuss what hardware is ideal for a variety of needs.

Computer Servers

A server is essentially a computer which is designed to process requests and deliver data to other computers over a local network. Ghost IT solutions, Essex can offer you and your office a rack server with 32GB RAM and 4x8GB memory. This is ideal for large sized companies due to the amount of storage available on the device. Being a rack server, it is designed to be installed into a framework that contains multiple mounting slots.


We also sell an OptiPlex 3040 micro desktop. It comes equipped with windows 10, a Dell USB optical mouse as well as a USB keyboard. This desktop offers a sleek, professional design. Also, it is lightweight which makes it easy to transport and move should you want to change the layout of your office.

How Can Ghost IT Services Help You?

Fortunately, our team here at Ghost are IT security experts. After you purchase your hardware you can rely on us to take care of all your software needs! We understand storage can quickly become an issue, especially if you’re a company that produces a lot of content. The cloud service can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users- with our trusted advice, you can rest assured that we would only recommend cloud services because it will benefit you.

Not only that but Ghost can offer IT remote support. This means you won’t require a team of IT support staff onsite as we can do everything from our HQ!

So, there you have it! That is why Ghost IT services are the ideal one stop shop for Computer Network Support services. If you would like more information on how we can help you and your business, get in touch today to see how we can help!