How to Choose the Right IT Company With Ghost

As a small Business, choosing the types of technology to be used in our office can be difficult. Not only are there many types of technology to choose from. But  39 Degress know making the wrong decision on equipment and devices can cause problems in your office.

In fact. A study by Brother Small Business Survey said that ‘63 percent of respondents frequently feel overwhelmed with the number of technology needed to run their business.

At 39 Degress Support Essex. We provide a number of IT services designed with small businesses in mind. Whether it’s specialised cloud-based services or our 24/7 support services. 39 Degress work with businesses to build simple and effective solutions for your IT system.

When choosing from the number of IT companies in Essex. 39 Degress have compiled a list of questions to ask any potential companies.

Does the IT company offer a range of IT support packages that are flexible enough to suit your present needs and cater for your future growth?

With small businesses in mind. 39 Degress have a number of packages that are able to support and maintain your systems. Along with our support services and business continuity report. We provide a number of services to make life easier for businesses. Including setting up cloud-based systems and installing and maintaining hardware.

Will your network be monitored 24/7 and will there be any other IT support services such as out of hours server administration, updates and maintenance?

We promise all our customers that they will have access to our online remote support and collaboration system via our website. If you’re having problems with your IT systems, our remote support portal will allow access to your files and computer in order to sort out the problem without even visiting your offices.

Will you be allocated a dedicated Account Manager as part of your IT support contract? Have you met them and do they seem trustworthy?

How We Can Help

At Ghost, we encourage clients to sit down with us and discuss their needs and requirements from us and their IT systems. Once, our team understand exactly what services and products you will require from us. We will sit down and assign you the correct manager.

For more information about our Business IT support, get in touch with team on 01708 390370.

How Can Web Hosting Benefit Your Business

IT Support Essex: The term ‘Web Hosting’ is thrown around a lot in any IT department, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, web hosting is the service which allows individuals to post either a web page or website onto the internet. They are then stored or ‘hosted’ on computers called servers. Professional web hosting allows for technical support and increased web security which is simply not available free. But how exactly can professional web security benefit your business?


If you were to choose a large hosting service, despite benefitting from the cheap service in the short term. Your company could actually be in jeopardy in the long term. As the customer,  you are lost in a vast sea of other companies which means no one is really looking after your site, which leads to poor service. Many times, large hosting sites are often a target for hackers as they can extract a lot of information quickly. However, with a dedicated hosting service you are less likely to get hacked and it in turns ends up being a lot more reliable.

Design Roam

A professional web hosting site can give you unrestricted access to how your website looks as well as what supporting technologies you wish to use. This will benefit your business as you don’t need to worry about compromising on certain aspects of your site. You have free reign to create your website, just how you want it.

Personalised Features

With a professional web hosting service you have access to a private domain name. This means that you are able to create personalised emails and email campaigns which contribute to increasing your brand recognition. Potential leads are more likely to use your service if they see that your email address somewhat reflects your company. This will also help maintain your work life balance as you can now introduce clients to your branded email system.

There are just three benefits of professional web hosting to your business. We can offer website hosting, design and domain services for your businesses all over the UK. If you would like more information that our team here at 39 Degress Support Essex offer. Get in touch today.

Setting Up Your Office with the Right Technology

Have you and your company recently relocated office? Or maybe you’ve come to the realisation that your office and the technology in it is looking a bit dated and is in need of a face lift. Queue Ghost, IT Solutions, Essex. Our team of PC installation specialists have come together to discuss what hardware is ideal for a variety of needs.

Computer Servers

A server is essentially a computer which is designed to process requests and deliver data to other computers over a local network. 39 Degress solutions, Essex can offer you and your office a rack server with 32GB RAM and 4x8GB memory. This is ideal for large sized companies due to the amount of storage available on the device. Being a rack server, it is designed to be installed into a framework that contains multiple mounting slots.


We also sell an OptiPlex 3040 micro desktop. It comes equipped with windows 10, a Dell USB optical mouse as well as a USB keyboard. This desktop offers a sleek, professional design. Also, it is lightweight which makes it easy to transport and move should you want to change the layout of your office.

How Can 39 Degress Services Help You?

Fortunately, our team here at Ghost are IT security experts. After you purchase your hardware you can rely on us to take care of all your software needs! We understand storage can quickly become an issue, especially if you’re a company that produces a lot of content. The cloud service can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users- with our trusted advice, you can rest assured that we would only recommend cloud services because it will benefit you.

Not only that but Ghost can offer IT remote support. This means you won’t require a team of IT support staff onsite as we can do everything from our HQ!

So, there you have it! That is why 39 Degress services are the ideal one stop shop for Computer Network Support services. If you would like more information on how we can help you and your business, get in touch today to see how we can help!

The Importance of Data Backup to Your Business When Moving Office

Whether you’re a small company still getting to grips with the business world or a multinational corporation with over 50 years’ experience, keeping your data safe and secure is vital. If it’s lost, you run the risk of it experiencing the detrimental effects to your company.

More and more businesses are switching to online data backup to ensure that valuable company information is safe from potential theft. Not only that, but having data backup online rather than a physical copy means that your information is protected from natural disasters should the unthinkable occur.

Here are the benefits that data backup can provide your business:


Data storage systems such as cloud storage can provide your business with additional protection should any theft or natural disasters occur. Also, this can be set up to back up files automatically which means you don’t have to do it manually. You can rest assured that every piece of data will be maintained.

Cost Effective

Of course, each business is unique. But what is one thing they all have in common? They are all susceptible to data breaches. If the correct protection hasn’t been put in place, even a small data attack can be detrimental to a new business. Online data backup is only a fraction of the price as setting up an individual system. This is massively appealing to new businesses wanting protection without making a large investment.


Another benefit to online data back-up is in the event of a data attack, you are able to restore any lost information almost immediately after an incident has occurred. This means that your business will be able to get back to tip top shape as soon as possible.

How Can 39 Degress Services Help?

Fortunately, our cloud services can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users, and because the service provider supplies the hardware and the software necessary for the service, there’s no need for your company to deploy its own resources and allocate IT staff to manage the service. If you would like more information to see how 39 Degress Services can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


A business networking event held by Ghost Computer Services Limited has been hailed a ‘Great Success’ by both organisers and visitors.


The Harlow Company set up their ‘tech-based’ event held on the 24th of February. Entitled, ‘New Technology For 2016’. It aimed to bring together members of the local business community in an informal, welcoming environment and encourage them to create new, potentially beneficial contacts.


Ghost offer state-of-the-art ‘cloud’ and IT services and support to businesses in London and Essex. Unfortunately, Ghost’s MD, Matthew Southgate was unable to attend having been involved in a car accident prior to the event. Claire Aspell, Head of Operations at Ghost, said: ‘Matthew was hospitalized after the accident but insisted that we carried on in his absence. He’s recovering well and is very pleased with the outcome”.


Ghost Computer Services were supported by Paul Turner of Ladybird Communications Ltd and David Hilling of Active Security Ltd, who bought their specific knowledge to the meeting and displayed some of the new technological advances in their respective fields. They were very well received.


More than 35 business owners from Harlow, Sawbridgeworth and Bishop’s Stortford attended. Steve Chew, of local marketing firm Magnificent Stuff, said: ‘Claire and her team have done a brilliant job. The atmosphere was excellent and I saw numerous business cards being exchanged. SMEs in Harlow can only benefit from more business networking events like this one’


Ms Aspell went on to say: ‘the feedback has been very positive. We will certainly be having further networking events in the future, perhaps quarterly or every second month.’


Watch this space for more updates from Ghost Computers and details of forthcoming meetings.




To learn more about Ghost Computer Services Limited or to enquire about future events please contact Head of Operations, Claire Aspell on 01279 800039 or via e-mail, [email protected]


Ghost can be found at Suite 1, Unit 11, West Road, Harlow. Essex. CM20 2BU, or at

Christmas Hours

Office Hours over the Festive Season

Christmas Eve December 24: Open until 12 noon

Christmas Day December 25: Closed

December26 2015 – January 3 2016: Closed

Open as normal on Monday January 4 2016

All support contract clients are welcome to use their dedicated phone number in case of emergency during this time.

Ghost Computer Services wishes everyone a very happy Christmas and a profitable New Year!

We Love Essex – Welcome to Harlow

As the IT specialist for Essex, we make a big point of knowing our territory as well as our tech and we’ve learned a lot of amazing things about the county, and the towns we are most frequently found in. There’s more to the area than white vans and Estuary English, and we’re proud to be able to keep the computers running and the data monitored in all our favourite areas.

We’ve amassed a lot of weird and wonderful information about Essex which is too much fun to keep to ourselves – but even if we’re not professional historians, we can certainly help you out with anything computer-related…

Harlow – Our new head office and stomping ground
• Harlow New Town was planned in 1947 by Sir Frederick Gibberd, primarily to house people from East London whose homes had been destroyed during the war. So many young families moved out of these disadvantaged areas that Harlow was nicknamed Pram Town.
• Britain’s first pedestrianized shopping precinct, and first residential tower block, were both constructed in Harlow. The tower block – The Lawn – was built in 1951 and is now a Grade 2 Listed Building.
• The pubs in Harlow New Town were named after butterflies and moths – such as Essex Skipper, Poplar Kitten, Drinker Moth, Purple Emperor and Painted Lady – to differentiate them from the more historic inns of the neighbouring Old Harlow.
• Harlow is also renowned as a Sculpture Town, its public spaces as well as its galleries boasting a large collection of sculptures by artists such as Moore, Frink, Rodin and Hepworth.
• Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon is a founder of the Parliamentary Academy and in 2010, engaged the first MP’s Apprentice in Parliament.

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Now we’ve got your attention… Welcome to the new Ghost computer Services website and blog!

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks, as we’ve just moved into our lovely new offices, done a major amount of pre-move preparation and pre-move networking, and ploughed on with our recruitment process as well as kept up with the various CPD activities we do.

And all this in the balmy August weather (sometimes the barmy August weather). We’re thriving on it, and as per the Ghost ethic, business is continuing as usual no matter what.

We’re all looking forward to making further contact with the Harlow business community and beyond – watch this space for our further discoveries and encounters – and where’re we’re going to be haunting next!