What Can Your Business Learn from Ransomware?

After the recent Ransomware outbreak on the NHS it’s safe to say that the need for security measures and an action plan when it comes to IT security has been highlighted.

With this in mind, we thought we would use this article to discuss the ways in which your business can learn from Ransomware and how best to protect your IT for the future.

Below are some of the lessons that can be learnt from Ransomware and ways to prevent your business falling victim to a security breach.

Scrap Windows XP – Historically we all loved Windows XP but it’s time for an update. The longer your business is left using this software without security attention from Microsoft, the greater risk your company is in.

Don’t ignore updates – Microsoft is never shy when it comes to telling you to update to their latest software, but it’s important to ensure that these notifications are definitely from Microsoft. Once you’re sure, it’s important to then update your systems accordingly. Updates often include security increases and the latest encryptions to prevent threats to your system.

Educate yourself and your teamCyber-attacks threaten small businesses more now than ever. As an SME, you will no doubt already find yourself too busy with the day to day running of the office to be worrying about cyber security. However, it’s vital to not see it this way and instead make time to understand the risks involved, as these attacks could cripple your business and cost you and your customers thousands in the long run.

If you simply don’t have the time, why not look into outsourcing your IT management with experts that know what to expect and how to deal with threats. Here at Ghost Services we’re able to provide support to you and your team. As IT specialists, we know how to protect your data but also how to maintain this protection.

Develop an action plan – Last but not least if you’ve already encountered a cyber-attack or are just planning for the future, you need to implement an action plan and share it with your entire team. It will address ways in which to minimise the risk of a cyber-attack and how to react should the company fall victim to one.

If you would like further information from our IT specialists here at Ghost Services, then give our team a call on 01708 390370 and we will be happy to help. We can talk about the plans we can implement to help manage your IT risks or simply help your team to keep your IT solutions updated.