Looking After Computer Hardware with Ghost IT Support Essex

When investing in computers for your office space you want to make sure these new machines are well looked after by your employees. We’re all guilty of treating our hardware a little carelessly from time to time but it can be detrimental and costly in the long run.

We’re not asking you to invest a lot in the care of your computers but there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure your system runs at it’s best and serves you well for as long as possible!

To help you with this, Ghost IT Solutions Essex has created a guide to caring for your computers, which you can give to your employees.

Fight Dust

Unfortunately, dust is the enemy of the interior of a PC and can cause heat to build up inside the computer meaning your computer may need to reboot or worse! Keep your work station clean but be careful not to use cloths that are too damp as water can get in the air vents and damage things further. Canned air to spray into your vents can blow out any potential dust just be careful you don’t spin the fans in the process.

 Keep it off the Floor

For your employees, desk space may be limited but try not to put your PC on the floor. Not only will this avoid building up dust within your machine, but keeping the computer off the floor will protect it from feet kicking out plugs, out of control vacuum collisions and guards it from carpet-generated static electricity as well as over heating.

Eat Away from the Keyboard

 While it may be tempting to stay at your desk for lunch and pop on your favourite YouTube video, the odds are that the occasional crumb or splash of drink will have made its way into your keyboard or laptop. These small intrusions into your keyboard can interfere with the function of your keyboard, mouse or even computer so keep them away.

 Turn Your Computer Off

Maybe you have important work you like to keep open on your computer or you’re impatient and want to get out of the door bang on 5pm? However tempting it is to leave your PC on 24/7, just like you, it needs a rest every so often and so you should turn it off each night. It is one of the most draining things to do to your computer and will affect its working lifespan.

At Ghost, we provide IT services in Essex as well as providing the hardware a business would need to have a complete IT setup. With everything from servers, desktops and laptops, we have everything you may need and can help you know how to care for them!

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