Keeping healthy with Ghost IT services

Keeping Healthy with Ghost IT Services Essex

The New Year is in full swing. Which probably means you’re back to work and have to suffer weeks of people parading around the office with their salads and detox waters. It’s quite easy to laugh at these ‘New Year, New Me’ dieters but maybe it’s time to consider your own health?

Unfortunately, computers are the cause of a number of health problems from weight gain to musculoskeletal problems. With 10 million working days lost to people taking time off for workplace-related ailments. Ghost IT Support Essex say ‘enough is enough.’

Providing business IT support Essex, the team at Ghost work closely with local businesses to install and maintain their computers and IT equipment. With these local businesses and their employees in mind. We have put together a list of tips and tricks you can use if you spend all day sat at your computer.

Give your desktop a second look – Do you sit with your computer directly in front of you? If so, it’s time to ask management for a raise – for your computer! The top of our computer screens must be level with our eyes. To the point where you are looking down at your computer about 10 degrees. Any lower or higher than your eyes, you will have to adapt to the screen height, causing neck and back aches.

Take a look at your posture – Unfortunately, we often forget about our posture when it comes to working. Getting especially worse throughout the day! Whether it’s sitting too close to your screen or not supporting your weight with your arms. This will put a strain on your neck and spine. Instead, try chin retractions (or making a double chin) throughout the day to keep your neck and spine lined up.

Give yourself regular breaks – Whether it’s checking their phone in the bathroom, or keeping up with the news on your computer. Everyone needs at least 5 minutes to take some time out. The Pomodoro Technique encourages employees to break their tasks into intense 25 minutes bursts with a 5 minute break. Helping to improve productivity and starve off distraction in the long run!

Will you be trying any of these tips in the future?

At Ghost Services IT Solutions Essex. We’re more than capable to be your IT department, anytime, anywhere! In fact, we like to think we are a one-stop shop for all aspects of business-to-business IT. We are able to source and supply computers and IT equipment, install them and maintain your equipment to ensure you are making the Ghomost out of it.

If you want to more information about our IT support in Essex. Get in touch with us on 01708 390370.