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See In The New Year Securely

The New Year usually inspires a new hobby, lifestyle or musical talent. However, increasingly progressive technology means that malicious cyber-attacks risk being introduced to your devices. We’ve drawn up three ways cyber security can infiltrate your business systems and how Ghost IT Services in Essex can help you to protect your gadgets, reputation and profits.

Stay suspicious of infection

While it seems small businesses aren’t on the radar of cyber criminals. They can actually be more vulnerable to hacking due to their perceived lack of defences compared to corporate companies. Ghost IT urge that you remain vigilant at all times. Making sure you be cautious when opening external links of emails and attachments internally. While the sender may appear to be legitimate, they could function in the guise of a client, partner or employee. We can monitor the traffic on your website. Including adding encryptions on your Windows or Mac devices, to uncover malware, eliminate it and prevent further attacks.

Make it mandatory

Don’t wait for a cyber attack to strike before implementing safeguarding procedures. Make it a requirement of company policy that all employees to abide by security checks. To achieve maximum protection. Make it mandatory to change your company password regularly and make sure employees set their computer to automatically log out after 5 minutes of being away from their desk. We can ensure a two-step authentication access is live on all of your systems. As well as providing secure hosted backup for your files.

Out-of-hours intrusion

Make sure that care is taken out of the office as well, since cyber-attacks can travel between mobile devices and the business email linked on them. Therefore, reduce personal use of your company’s WIFI and make sure it’s secure and has a strong, private password. That way, the firewalls and deflective software we install on your business devices are tripled in effectivity and the need for repeated referrals is reduced.

To make 2018 a year of safe, secure and successful operation of business. Contact Ghost IT Services today on 01708 390370. Or email [email protected] for a quote.