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Deck The Halls With Cyber-Security!

Did you know last year Christmas was ruined for thousand of gamers? And why would that be? The self-proclaimed Lizard Squad. A group of hackers. Brought down the networks of both Xbox Live and Sony Playstation – ruining gameplay for 160 million gamers around the world.

Cyber security experts are expecting similar attacks to hit a number of retailers and companies across the globe this year. At Ghost IT Support Essex, we have put together this handy Security guide to prepare you and your business in the event of any hackings this Christmas:

Delete suspicious emails or texts – Unfortunately, most hackings begin with a simple email or even text message. Which contain a link or a document containing malware. If you were to open this document or click on the link, you will allow these extremely dangerous viruses access to your computer. As an IT security expert, we ask that if you don’t trust any of these messages, you delete them instead.

Change all your passwords – It’s the same old story that you’re bound to have heard before, but we’re going to tell you again! To keep your online accounts secure. Your passwords need to be complex and changed regularly. You must also keep all of your passwords secret from everyone. Particularly, if you have very sensitive data.

Go incognito – One of everyone’s biggest fears is using location-based websites and applications and then being tracked! However, most phones and computers will allow you to browse the internet from an incognito mode. While it is not guaranteed to keep you completely safe. It can be another defense for your cybersecurity efforts.

Make sure all your data is secure when online shopping – For those who don’t fancy trekking out into the snow for a shopping trip, online shopping is a lot more ideal. With lots of details being shared over the internet. It’s important to have an effective and thorough encryption system like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). At Ghost IT Solutions Essex. We use a military-grade advanced encryption to ensure all your data is kept secure.

How We Can Help

If you’re in any doubt about your cybersecurity – try asking the experts. The team at Ghost are always here to help with your business IT  Security support. If you would like to find out more. Why not get in touch with us on 01708 390370 or email [email protected]