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Protecting your computers from damage with Ghost IT Support Essex

Moving out of your small office can be an exciting process. Until you think about moving all the expensive IT equipment and devices. Alongside desks, filing cabinets and desk chairs, your computers, servers and even keyboards and mice will need proper protection during the move.

While not a removal company. Ghost Services are providers of IT support in Essex. So we understand the negative affects damaged equipment can have on a business. With this in mind, and using past experience. Our team put together a checklist for moving your technology from your old office to your brand new one.

● Make sure all your files are backed up before moving

There’s nothing worse than your computer being knocked about in the process of moving and losing all your important documents. However, this is exactly what could happen if you forget to keep a backup of all your documents. At Ghost IT Solutions, we recommend to all of our customers that they keep a copy of all your work on a portable hard drive. Or even a cloud system. Not only will you know everything is kept safe, but you will have access to all your documents when and wherever you want. Meaning you can work from home should moving be delayed!

● Pack your computer back into its original box

To avoid any initial damage or loss of files. Make sure your computer’s power is turned off at the monitor and box. Then disconnect it from the power source. Once you have turned off your computer, you will be able to dismantle it. This means unplugging any and all cords going into your computer. If you’re new to dismantling computers, it may help to label all of the cords with masking tape before you wind them up. Tie them and place them into the storage container. Make sure you keep them in the box you’re packing your computer into to avoid losing important wires!

● Store computer safely during the time of the move

You may be moving into your new office space but there may be no time to unpack straight away. If this is the case, keep your computer out of reach from moisture, humidity and dust in this new environment. Any kind of dust, moisture and humidity could damage your computer’s hard drive. Meaning you could potentially damage the computer and lose any files.

As one of the top IT Companies in Essex, we can not only assist you and your business during times of IT struggle. Our team can also help with office IT moves. Assisting in the protection of your computers both physically and internally.

Are you moving offices in the new year? Why not get in touch with our team at Ghost IT Services Essex! Get in touch with our team on 01708 390370 for more information.