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The Importance of Computer Security with Ghost IT Support Essex

November 30th is Computer Security Day – an important day for those at Ghost IT Support in Essex who want to share the importance of keeping your computers secure.

Unfortunately, these days computers, smartphones and tablets make up an important component of our everyday lives. Not only have they become vital to our everyday living, but they have made communication easier and more efficient. However, these technological advancements have brought about a number of concerns about their security and our privacy.

Started in 1988, Computer Security Day aims to raise awareness of the security risks and our general computer security. So what exactly can you do to protect your computers?

1. Switch Off

Ask yourself, “do I need to be connected to the internet at all times?” For most of you, the answer will be a resounding “yes!” but leaving your internet switched on could be an easy way to tempt hackers. Unfortunately, hackers exploit the “always on” connection option so switching off your router from time to time can put them off.

2. Protect Your Router

As an entry point for hackers, you need to make sure your router is protected by a firewall. A firewall is a piece of software or hardware that only allows “good” data and connections through it.

3. Install Anti-Virus Software

Don’t think about leaving your computer out! As well as a firewall for your router and computer, your computer will need some anti-virus software to prevent dodgy files from attacking and stealing your information. Once you have your antivirus system, be sure to keep it updated regularly to scan for viruses on your computer!

4. Update Your Computer

I know what you’re thinking… “but updating my computer takes too much time!” Well, it may be annoying but you must check your computer for updates to keep up to date with changes to your operating system. Without updating your computer, it may be compromised should you not install the proper updates.

5. Keep Passwords Safe, Random and Hard to Guess

When you sign up for a website, how often do you use the same old password you have been using since you were 15? Well, it’s probably time to start changing it! Unfortunately, you can never been certain how the websites store their data and so if they were to be hacked, your password could be out there. By constantly changing your passwords and using a different password for each site, you minimise the damage hackers could cause.

Still not sure whether your computer is entirely safe? Why not get in touch with Ghost IT Solutions Essex!

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