Data back-up: it’s essential

Your data is probably your most valuable business asset. It holds all the facts, figures and connections for your team and your clients and your company as a whole.  But just how often do you consider how secure, reliable or trustworthy your current data back-up provisions are?

A number of companies rely on either USB memory sticks or portable drives to back up their data either on a daily or weekly basis. Unfortunately this is an extremely risky way of doing so – especially since many people keep their USB on the same fob as their car keys, or in their pocket with loose change – which isn’t good for the device or the data it holds. Alternatively, they often keep their portable drive on the edge of the desk or on top of the computer base, where it is vulnerable to knocks, falls and any kind of spillage.

Your USB or portable drive is designed primarily for data transfer rather than data storage, and to rely on something that isn’t shockproof and is easy to misplace, lose or corrupt to hold such a valuable asset is a recipe for a cyber catastrophe.

Protecting your data is fast, easy and most importantly secure with the Ghost Computer Services “Cloud” based data back-up service. And it all comes at a very reasonable price.

We remove the risks associated with some of the more primitive ways of backing-up your valuable data, plus there is no requirement for you to have any expensive physical hardware or even a member of staff to initiate the back-up. Ghost Computer Services will do it all for you at a pre-specified day and time, and we will even email you once it has been successfully completed for your peace of mind. It will also keep your regulator happy.

As a heightened security measure, we use three independently separate UK-based data centres to store your data, using military-grade advanced encryption to ensure all your data is secure. All of our data centres follow strict Network Reliability Monitoring & Environmental Controls set by Ghost, so should you require a data restore, we can have this completed quickly and without any hassle.

Benefits of Ghost’s Hosted Data Back-Up

  • 1 single monthly fee
  • Future data requirements are easily scalable
  • Automated back-up with E-mail confirmation
  • Ability to speedily restore to “Point in Time”
  • Military-grade advanced encryption at multiple UK-based data centres
  • No need for expensive hardware or additional staff to undertake back-up
  • Removal of risks associated with using easily lost and corruptible USB/portable drives
  • Complements existing business continuity strategies

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