What’s your IT department doing about new cybersecurity legislation?

What's your IT department going to do about it?

What’s your IT department going to do about it?

Companies and organisations of all sizes and in all locations have been attacked by hackers. Cybersecurity is still a vitally important consideration as well as a hot topic. Hackers use constantly-evolving automated techniques and tools to raid and misuse data, causing damage to the reputation and livelihood of the companies they target.

Some things such as firewalls and IPS can deflect this damage, and more sophisticated tools can take on more highly-evolved weapons. And there are processes that can stop hackers – defence against cybercrime is an ongoing war for businesses, which is where we can help you.

Changes in EU law demand that you now comply with the Network and Information Security (NIS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, which impose new, incident reporting requirements on a wide range of businesses.

The NIS comes into force this year and the GDPR will be phased in over 2015 and 2016, becoming mandatory from 2017: non-compliance could mean fines, plus the misuse of personal data and the loss of reputation and revenue that follows an attack.

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