We Love Essex – Brentwood

It’s fun, it’s buzzing and it’s the pinnacle of pilgrimage for TOWIE fans – and it’s got a lot of exciting business opportunities going on there. Today we are extending a big hello to our Brentwood contacts both old and new and sharing what we’ve discovered about their town…

  • Gilstead Hall, in nearby South Weald, is apparently haunted by the ghost of Lord Byron who was a frequent visitor.
  • Brentwood was the first place in the UK to manufacture trampolines. To this day, Brentwood has a very enthusiastic trampolining community.
  • The Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, just along the road from Brentwood town, was intended during the Cold War as a refuge for Government officials as a shelter from nuclear attack. Now decommissioned, it is ia very popular visitor attraction.
  • Brentwood has the peculiar honour of being Britain’s first town to instal and use CCTV.
  • Pioneering computer company Amstrad was founded in Brentwood  by Alan Sugar in 1968. Sky bought it in 2007 for 125 million.