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Preparing Security For Your Office In The Christmas Break

Once again, the year has flown by so quickly – and now the Christmas period is once again upon us! With Christmas decorations hanging from our desks. Secret Santa presents being prepared and an overload of mince pies being shared around the office. The Christmas spirit will soon be rife around the office.

However, the days leading up to the Christmas break can be extremely stressful for business owners. Budgeting concerns, keeping employees motivated during January and making sure nothing goes wrong while you’re away over Christmas. This can all play havoc in your mind.

At Ghost IT Support Essex, we can help you prepare for the Christmas holidays with our business-to-business IT solutions.


As Cyber Security experts, who better to help you with protecting your all important documents and computers. Unfortunately, when offices are abandoned for the Christmas period, it is the opportune moment for hackers to steal information. Plus data from your computers. In fact, it takes the hacker just 10 minutes to crack a lowercase password with 6 characters. Plusnine minutes to use any stolen information. To prevent this happening Ghost’s team can install firewalls and IPS to all of your office computers to deflect the damage.

● Backup 

There’s nothing worse than coming back to work and finding out all your files have disappeared. Whether your computer restarted over the break or you forgot to save that big project you were working on. You can avoid ever losing any of your work with our Cloud-based Backup system. With not set-up, maintenance or support costs, it’s an ideal solution for any business looking to store their documents in one place , without them going missing.

Emergency IT Support

During the Christmas period, you may have people walking in and out of the office every day. If you don’t want to let staff absences affect the performance of your company, why not use our Seasonal Holiday Cover package! We will help to manage your IT delivery during times of holiday, sickness or even during times of additional demand – like Christmas!

These are just three of the business IT support services we can do for your business. We can also offer website hosting, design and domain services for your business, should you need any assistance with designing a Christmas themed website!

If you would like more information on the team at Ghost IT Solutions Essex or what we offer, get in touch today.