IT When starting a Business

So when you started your business, how many of you used your Home PC/MAC for the first few months, maybe even the first year?

But how safe is it to do that?


Do other family members have access to that machine? Could they accidently delete those all important files, maybe your Business Plan? Or open an unsuspecting link from and email or on Social Media?


If you are launching a new business Ghost Computer Services would always recommend purchasing a separate machine to conduct your working day from.


First and foremost, allowing you a home life; no one wants to receive work notifications when all you wanted to do was to check the News Headlines on Sunday morning.


You can also keep your Social Media accounts developed for your business separate to your personal accounts ensuring that content not applicable to your business is not accidently posted or shared on the incorrect account.


But above anything you be will keeping your Dream safe and secure


Your contacts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Quotes – the key areas which keep your business running


And you do not have to be an IT wiz kid, you just have to know one 😉 We offer Essex and Hertfordshire IT Support, all tailor made to suit a company’s individual business need. We can advise on the best hardware option, the best AV Security, and the Backup & Storage Solutions for your business. Whether a single user or your team consists of 5-20 users, Ghost can ensure we take the fright out of IT.


We are hoping that sharing our learning curves will give you something to think about; BUT whatever you choose to do, enjoy your business venture!!