IT Security In Your Pocket

If you’re anything like us, your mobile device is so important to you that it’s a part of the business and a part of the family – heck, it’s practically part of the body.

So in that case, security is an unavoidable issue.  Here are a few handy hints to keep your phone safe and protected:

  • If you think you’ve been hacked, seek advice from the network provided as soon as you can.
  • Lock it with a password and keep that password secret: it’s amazing how many people leave their device open or store their passwords on their phones!
  • Password power: a strong password is an asset so take a look at our post for some advice on setting the best password.
  • Take updates when they are offered: most phone and tablet manufacturers regularly circulate these and they invariably involve security updates.
  • Apps from people or sources you don’t know or trust can be dangerous – so be careful what you download. This includes links from banks too.
  • Unsecured public wi-fi, such as  that offered by McDonalds and other cafes, is great for casual surfing but not for anything that would involve your email or financial details.
  • Don’t shop over the internet on a public network on your device either: even if the providers say it’s secure, the hackers are always one step ahead.