Cyber Security: The biggest concern of 2018?

Cyber security has been number one on web developers’ minds for years. However, business owners are only just seeing the importance of this due to the on-going issues of hacking seen since 2017.

Technology is evolving faster than ever before which is fantastic for us, of course, but also fantastic for cyber criminals. The ever-growing tech base brings ever-growing opportunities which are at risk of exploitation.


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It is not only businesses that are at risk, it is also personal and customer data which are threatened with cyber attacks. Remember: if you think you are safe, you probably aren’t, so it is always best to have your systems checked by professionals in this industry.

Without the correct safeguards and anti-virus processes it is only a matter of time before you will become a victim of cybercrime. Luckily for you, companies such as Ghost Services are here to offer expert services in order to keep your business and your data safe and secure.


The Internet of Things (IoT)

You have your very own Internet of Things. Your iPad, iPhone, tablet etc. are all connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. IoT in simple terms refers to the number of devices which are being synced to the internet and interacting with each other.


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The risk with IoT is if a hacker successfully hacks into your iPad for example, they will no doubt, already have access to information stored on your phone, laptop and any of your other devices.


TIP: Always have your Wi-Fi password protected and your network shielded by a firewall.


Can I have your name & email address please?


Another issue is that people rarely think twice about giving out their private data. By private data we don’t mean bank details, address and D.O.B (that would just be silly!), we mean data as simple as your email address. This is alerting hackers that you have an active email address just waiting to be targeted.


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TIP: Never ‘Save’ login details to any device, especially devices which you don’t own.

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