Eurostar Resets All Customers’ Passwords After Attempted Security Data Breach

Eurostar has reset the passwords to some of their customers’ online accounts after discovering an attempted data breach. The attempted attack, which occurred between the 15th and 19th of October, has made Eurostar take “precautionary measures” to ensure that any compromised accounts are now secure.

The accounts that were targeted by the hackers have had their passwords reset, with other customers being told that their accounts are blocked and that they need to change their password.



The company has however confirmed that the credit card information and payment details of these accounts were not compromised, as Eurostar “deliberately never store any bank card information, so there is no possibility of compromise to credit card or payment details.”

If you’re a Eurostar customer, it will be difficult to know whether you have been directly affected by the attack. Some customers have been contacted via email and informed that their account was logged into during this period, and that if it was the account holder didn’t log in between these dates, then there’s a chance that their account was accessed by “unauthorised attempt.”

This isn’t the first time that a cyber-attack has been carried out on a travel company in recent weeks, as Airline Company British Airways was also the victim of a cyber-attack which saw the information of over 380,000 customers compromised. In November, British Airways also discovered that the information of an additional 185,000 customers was also stolen. You can find out more about the British Airways attack in our article here.

One security tip that the experts here at Ghost IT would suggest is that you change your passwords occasionally. Most of all cyber security attacks involve a weak or stolen password, and changing your passwords regularly can help avoid the possibility of a breach. If a hacker was to gain access to one of your passwords, chances are, they will have access to multiple accounts.

Changing your passwords is just one of the ways that you can improve your cyber security capabilities, and here at Ghost, we provide a diverse range of Cyber Security Services to businesses that want to help maintain and ensure GDPR compliance.

We’ll ensure that your business complies with the latest regulatory requirements and we’ll even improve the Cyber awareness culture throughout your organisation, with certified staff awareness training. This will teach your staff about the importance of cyber security and their responsibilities in following security procedures.

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